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Since 1996, L+S Präzisionsguß GmbH has been manufacturing parts and components made out of unalloyed, alloyed and highly alloyed materials based on iron and nickel. Our qualified specialists provide a wide range of services. Certified processes and controlled parameters ensure the quality of our products. Individual parts, small-scale series and series can be manufactured upon customer request.


Production, follow-up treatment, processing, coating and testing; the entire value-added chain from one source – from prototype to serial part.


We specialize in implementing your individual requirements and providing you with comprehensive and competent advice to achieve excellent results.

I.Austenitic cast iron
II.Abrasion-resistant alloy cast iron
III.Steel casting for general use
IV.Steel casting with improved weldability ...
V.Steel casting for use at room temperature …
VI.Tempered cast steel
VII.Steel casting for flame and induction hardening
VIII.High-strength cast steel with good weldability
IX.Austenitic, austenitic-ferritic or
X.Steel casting for oil and natural gas plants
XI.Steel casting for use at low temperatures
XII.Heat-resistant cast steel
XIII.Non-magnetisable cast steel
XIV.Nitriding steels & abrasion-resistant cast steel
XV.Nickel-based material
XVI.Special materials

Materials list

Cast materials based on iron and nickel are our specialty. We are happy to help you choose the right material quality.

Application areas

Customized products for a wide range of applications in plant, machine and vehicle construction; rail vehicle construction, mechanical engineering processing or in the petrochemical industry.
Our castings are characterized by exceptional quality and maximum precision.

Pumps and compressors construction

We produce the necessary building parts for the delivery of all fluid media for OEM, small-scale series and special manufacturers in any desired quality.

Wheeled vehicles

We supply serial part components and prototypes to original equipment manufacturers of special vehicle construction. High-strength fine-grain steels are also used for weight reduction by high resistance and adequate tension.

Rail vehicles

The specific requirements for built-in components of original equipment manufacturers and sub-suppliers of rail vehicle construction are manufactured according to customer specifications and to the characteristics certified by inspection test certificates and NDT certificates.

Profit and processing machines

Besides classic wear materials and upon customer request, we also provide composite materials to ensure the optimum service life of the wear components.

Mechanical engineering

Upon customer request, we manufacture serial components and special solutions for general mechanical engineering. Each component is possible in any desired working condition, according to our customer requirements.

Petrochemical industry

Our casting products are adequate for application under high temperature. We manufacture according to AD2000 and supply refineries and distributors.


For custom-built prototypes, we recommend the appropriate materials, create the cast design and convert it into the desired prototypes.

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Take up the challenge of a stainless steel foundry and apply to work with us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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