Precision castings from one source

We meet the highest customer demands of quality components by constantly improving processes, being innovative and investing in modern production facilities.


Our production facilities are state-of-the-art. Precisely defined and reproducible process sequences generate castings that follow the given specifications in an outstanding way.


The refining of cast components is a technical necessity. The material properties are preformed due to the chemical composition of the casting materials. These properties are developed and elaborated by a targeted, material-specific heat treatment.

This process step requires precise knowledge of the temperature and concentration-dependent precipitation and transformation behavior of the materials. It defines the dependent wall thickness, the time-temperature regimes of the heat treatment as well as the cooling rates to be achieved by means such as air, water, oil, cooling gases or emulsions.


Mechanical processing is carried out by qualified machining specialists on CNC-controlled machine tools. Tools and chipping regimes are material-specific process parameters.


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