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Image credits

Pumps and compressors construction
Image title „Factory equipment“ © hramovnick (

Wheeled vehicles
Image title „The car’s frame closeup“ © fuyu liu (

Rail vehicles
Image title „ICE 4 – Baureihe 412“ © SIEMENS, Archivnummer: DB116744 (Deutsche Bahn AG)

Profit and processing machines
Image title „A backloader and a bucket wheel excavator in a lignite mine“ © corlaffra (

Mechanical engineering
Image title „Silver gears in red transmission box machine“ © Baloncici (

Petrochemical industry
Image title „Oil and gas processing plant with pipe line valves“ © INSAGO (

Department and production photos
© Punkt3 GmbH (

Product photos cast parts
© Punkt3 GmbH (, © L+S Präzisionsguß GmbH

Company buildings and historical pictures
© L+S Präzisionsguß GmbH


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