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Production, follow-up treatment, processing, coating and testing; the entire value-added chain from one source – from prototype to serial part.

Mold production

The first step is the mold. This process step decisively determines the quality of the following cast parts.

Our experienced and qualified foundry mechanics produce mold parts in the desired dimensions and quantities. They provide precise, automated process sequences and an optimized molding system.


  • Process-integrated pre-tempering of the molds as well as simple drying
  • Duomix system for optimal dosing of hardening agent subject to the regenerated temperature

Mold face sizes:

  • 1000 x 1000 mm, variable height
  • 1000 x 500 mm, variable height
  • 500 x 500 mm, variable height


  • 80 mold bodies / layer

Molding system:

  • Cold curing, highly stable

Smelting operation

Homogeneous alloys are formed by metallic and non-metallic liquefying elements.

This process affects the quality and safety aspects of the castings. On the basis of the previously selected chemical material composition, our steel smelters set the desired material properties of the cast parts.

Medium frequency induction furnace

Furnace ITandem melting unit with continuously variable power distribution250,00 kg
Furnace IITandem melting unit with continuously variable power distribution150,00 kg
Furnace IIIHigh-performance engine1.000,00 kg

Succession area

After cooling, the casting body is removed from the mold and brought into its final form by thermal and mechanical processing, production welding and grinding.

Components result from the construction welding of semi-finished products and cast parts, which are further refined by heat treatment. Our qualified and specialized team of experts then precisely adjusts the predefined material properties.

Surface technology:

  • Centrifuge beam system
  • Pressure beam system (stainless steel)

Grinding technology:

  • Pendular grinding
  • Trestle grinding
  • Hand sanding

Separation technology:

  • Abrasive cutting
  • arc-air 750 A
  • Plasma cutting

Welding technology:

  • Transmodul 500 A Universal welding machine
  • Invertig Pro 350 A
  • Transtig 350 A
  • MegaPuls 300

Welding supervision:

  • International welding specialist DVS – IIW 1170
  • Welding engineer
  • European welding specialist

Material refinement:

  • Gas-fired chamber furnace (3 x 90 KW, capacity up to 1000 kg, program control up to 1200 °C, cooling by dormant or moving air and water)
  • Oil compensation in cooperation

Mechanical processing

The final mechanical pre-finishing and finishing of the cast parts is made by modern CNC-controlled turning technology.

CNC lathe:

  • Drive power 75 kW
  • Top width 2500 mm
  • Face plate 600 mm

Quality assurance

The most important requirement to produce high-quality products is the continuous monitoring and control of the production process. For us, this starts with the raw material and extends to the finished casting part.

Through permanent inspection, we ensure that component and material properties are as agreed. Quality parameters are collected and statistically evaluated by us. On the basis of this, we compile inspection certificates and quality analyses.


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